Indian Vegetarian Recipes - Manchurian,Malai Kofta,Navratan Korma,Chola Batura

Veggie Manchurian
Ingredients For Manchurian
4 T cups cabbage minced
1 1/2 cups carrot minced
1 medium onion minced
2 tbsp cornflour
5 tbsp all purpose flour/ plain flour
2-3 garlic minced
1-2 hot green peppers/ chillies minced
2 pinches pepper powder
1/4 tsp Ajinomotto powder
Oil for deep frying and salt to taste

For Sauce/ gravy
1 tsp garlic chopped
2 tsp hot green chillies/pepper chopped
2 tsp ginger chopped
1 tbsp cornflour
1 tcup clear vegetable stock or water
1 tbsp soya sauce
2 pinches sugar
2 table spoon oil
Salt to taste
Method: For the Manchurian
Mix carrots, cabbage, onion, cornflour, all purpose flour/plain flour,
garlic, pepper, ajinomotto, pepper powder and salt to taste. Shape
spoonful of the mixture in small balls. Deep fry in hot oil until
golden brown.
For the Sauce:
Heat oil in a wok or frying pan on a high flame. Add the garlic, green
chillies and ginger and stir fry over a high flame for a few seconds.
Mix the cornflour with 1/4 cup of water keep aside.
Add the stock, soya sauce sugar and salt to taste. Bring it to boil,
while its boiling add the cornflour mixture and boil the gravy till it
becomes thick. Just before serving put the balls in the sauce and cook
for a few minutes. Serve hot.
Cream Style Corn with Mixed Vegetables
1 tin cream style corn
4 oz mixed vegetables ( e.g. carrots, aubergine, squash, cabbage,
cauliflower etc)
2 tbsp tomato paste
1 finely chopped onion
1 tsp finely crushed fresh ginger
1 tsp finely crushed fresh garlic
3 whole black peppercorns
1 tsp whole jeera
1 tbsp ghee (clarified butter)
salt as per taste
cilantro for garnishing

1. Heat the ghee in a cooking pot, preferably nonstick.
2. Add jeera and black peppercorns.
3. Add ginger and garlic after the jeera turns brown and fry for a few seconds.
4. Then add the chopped onions and fry till they turn golden brown.
5. Then add the tomato paste and after a few seconds add the mixed
vegetables and about 2-4 tbsp water.
6. Cover and cook till the vegetables are half done.
7. Then add the cream style corn and salt and complete the cooking.
8. Garnish with cilantro and serve.

Akbari Vegetables
1 Cauliflower (cut into flowers)
100 gm Carrot (Cut into small cubes)
1/4kg Potatoes (Big) (Cut into medium cubes)
200gm Paneer (Cut into Big pieces)
100gm Green Peas
100gms Cashew Nuts (50gms cut into pieces & 50gms grind to a paste)
5 Tomato (1 tomato cut into slices &others grind)
300gms Onion (1 onion slice d others grind well)
2 nos green chillies grind well)
1/2tsp garam masala powder
1/2 tblsp coriander powder
1/2tblsp jeera powder
A pinch cardamom powder
1" a piece ginger (grind)
1 pod garlic (grind)
1/4 tin cream
1/2 cup oil
1. Heat 1/4 cup oil, add onion paste and fry till brown.
2. Add half of the ginger and garlic paste.
3. When brown add tomato puree and fry.
4. Then add ground cashew nuts and fry for 5 minutes.
5. Add green chillies paste and 1/2 of other dry masalas and fry for
10 minutes in low flame.
6. Add 1/4 cup water and boil for few minutes.
Method for Vegetables:
1. Heat the other half of oil.
2. Add sliced onion, rest of the garam masalas, ginger garlic paste
chili paste and fry till oil separates.
3. Then add all vegetables, paneer, again fry for 5 minutes.
4. Then add the above gravy and cook till vegs are well cooked.
Serve hot with cream, cashewnuts pieces, paneer cubes, coriander
leaves. Serve hot with nan, chapatti, or rice.

Vegetable Jalfarazi
Mixed boiled vegetables (Beans, Peas, Carrot & Potatoes)- 3 teacups.
(cut the beans, carrot & potatoes into small pieces). Onions-2.
Spring Onions- 3 (optional, if you don't have this you can add one more onion).
Green Chillies-4.
Ginger-1 inch piece.
Coriander leaves-1 tbsp.
Tomato ketchup-1/2 teacup.
Chilli powder-1 tsp.
Ghee /Oil-3 tbsp.
Salt to taste.
1. Chop the onions into small pieces. Chop spring onions with leaves.
2. Chop the tomatoes, ginger, green chillies & coriander all into
small pieces & keep seperately.
3. Heat the oil / ghee in a kadai. Fry the onions till golden brown in colour.
4. Now add the tomatoes, green chillies, ginger, & coriander leaves
and fry for 3 mins.
5. Then add the ketchup, boiled vegetables, spring onions, chilli
powder, salt & a little water & cook for 8 mins

Malai Kofta
Ingredients For the Koftas
350 grams (12 oz.) Paneer
3 tablespoons plain Flour
1 level teaspoon Baking powder
4 chopped Green Chillies
1 tablespoon chopped Coriander
Ghee for deep frying
Salt to taste
Method for paneer
1. Crumble the paneer and knead very well.
2. Mix the paneer, plain flour, baking powder, chillies, coriander and salt.
3. Shape into small balls and deep fry in ghee.
4. Keep aside these Koftas.
Method for gravy
1. Cut the tomatoes into big pieces, add 4 tea cups of water and cook.
2. When soft, prepare a soup by passing through a sieve
3. Heat the ghee in a vessel and fry the grounded paste very well.
4. Add the chilli powder and fry again for 1 min
5. Add the tomato soup, cream and salt and boil the gravy for atleast
10 to 15 mins.
For the gravy:
4 large Tomatoes
100 grams (4 oz.) fresh Cream
4 tablespoons Ghee
1 teaspoon Chilli powder
Salt to taste
To be ground into a paste:
1 large Onion
2 tablespoon grated fresh Coconut
7 cloves Garlic
2 Green Chillies
2 Red Chillies
2 teaspoon Coriander seeds
1 teaspoon Cumin seed
2 teaspoon Khus-khus
1 inch Ginger piece
2 tablespoons chopped fresh Coriander
Raw Banana Bhaji
2 raw Bananas
1 tsp Mustard seeds
1tsp Udad dal
1tsp Chana dal
A pinch of Hing
1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder
Finely chopped Coriander Leaves
Salt as per taste
1. Boil raw bananas in a pressure cooker & cut into small cubes.
2. Heat oil & add mustard seeds, udad dal, chana dal & hing. When it
splutters, add cooked banana cubes & 100 ml water. Then add turmeric
powder & finely chopped coriander leaves. Mix well & cook for 2 min.
on low flame. Add salt and cook till water evaporates. Serve hot with
Rice or Chapatis.
Vegetabale Curd Cheese Kurma
Ingredients For Korma
1 Kg Peas
250 gm Potatoes
100 gm Capcicum
250 gm Tomatoes
1 Tbsp Ghee
1Tbsp Butter
4 nos. Cloves, 5 nos. Cardamom, 3 nos. Cinnamon
1 Cup Curd
50 gm Cashewnut powder
2 Onion finely chopped
1 Cup Milk
3 Cups Water
3 Tbsp Cheese
Salt as per taste
1/2 Cup Coriander (fresh)
For Seasoning
1/2 Cup Coconut (Shredded)
1 Tbsp. Ghee
6 Curry leaves
For Paste
6 Green chillies, 1/2 Cup Mint
1 Piece Ginger
1. Boil Green peas in water, and drain all the water.
2. Peel the potatoes and cut into small sqaure pieces.
3. Boil Tomatoes in water and peel off the skin and cut into small pieces.
4. Cut capcicum into long pieces. And fry Capcicum in little oil.
5. Put Ghee and Butter in frying pan. Add onion and cook untill golden
brown. Then add Cashewnut pd., Cinnamon sticks, Cloves and Cardamom
with paste.
6. Add three cups of water and cheese. When water is boiling add
potatoes and 1 cup milk.
7. When potato is cooked, add tomato and after ten min. add curd,
boiled peas and salt, stirring frequently.
8. For seasoning heat 1 Tbsp of ghee in frying pan over moderately
high heat. When it is hot add coconut and curry leaves and season the
9. Garnish with coriander and fryed capcicum.
Spicy Mixed Vegetable
Eggplant (brinjal), large - 1 (cut into 1" pieces)
Capsicum, large - 1 (slice in long thin strips)
Green Beans - 10-12 (cut into long pieces)
Carrots - 1 (cut into thin & long pieces)
Potatoes - 2 (medium size, cut as you wish)
Green Onions - 1 bunch (cut 2" long pieces)
Frozen baby Lima Bean - 1/2 cup (thawed, this is optional)
Ginger paste - 1 tbsp
Green Chilies - 2-3, slit
Turmeric - 1 tsp
Red Chili Powder - 1 tsp
Jeera powder - 1-1/2 tsp
Dhania powder - 1 tsp
Tomato puree (canned tomato sauce) - 4 tbsp
Salt to taste
Cooking oil - 4-5 tbsp
1. Heat oil in a large saucepan or skillet.
2. Add whole mustard seeds until they splutter. Add ginger paste,
green chilis, and then the eggplant.
3. Cover on medium heat until the eggplant is slightly tender. May add
extra oil if it becomes too dry. Then add all of the above dry spices.
Fry for a few minutes and then add all the vegetables. Cover and cook
on medium heat stirring periodically until all the vegetables are soft
and tender.
4. Add salt, little water, and tomato puree towards the end and cook
until the moisture evaporates and the vegetables are well done.
5. Serve with Plain Rice or Naan.
Navratan Korma
Mixed vegetables 500 gms
Mushrooms 50 gms
Paneer 50 gms
Potatoes 100 gms
Cashewnuts 20 gms
Raisins 20 gms
Boiled Onion paste 1 cup
Cashewnut paste 1/2 cup
Curd 1/2 cup
Fresh Cream 1/2 cup
Ginger & Garlic paste 2 tsp
Garam Masala 1 tsp
Chopped Green Chilli 2 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil 2tsp
1. Boil all vegetables in boiling salted water till done and then put
into cold water.
2. Cut paneer into 1/2 inch pieces.
3. Heat oil in a kadhai add garam masala & then add boiled onion paste
cook till onion are golden brown. Add ginger & garlic paste stir well.
4. Add chopped green chillies & cashewnut paste. Cook on a slow flame for 5 min.
5. Add mushrooms & boiled vegetables cook for 2-3 min & add salt & 3/4
cup water.
6. Add cashew nuts, raisins & paneer dices [fried] stir & cook for 1 min.
7. Finish with fresh cream.
Chola Batura
Ingredients for Chick Peas (Chola)
1 boil canned Chick Peas or u can soak chick peas in water overnight.
Salt to taste
1 Tea bag
1/2 tsp Zeera
4 piece Kadi Patta
2 big Onions
1/8 piece of Ginger, 3 cloves of Garlic grated
1 tsp Garam Masala
1 Tomato or 2 tbsp Tomato Puree
1/4 tsp each turmeric, red chilli powder, Dhaniya powder
Method for chick peas
If u are using chick peas soaked in water overnight, then next day
pressure cook chick peas adding salt to taste and 1 tea bag. This will
change the color of chola to black. Pressure cook it for 30 minutes
till they are soft and tender. But if u are using boiled chick peas
can then no need to boil them again just add them to the paste. For
paste, In a pan, add 2 tsp of cooking oil, add Zeera, Kadi Patta. Then
add 1 finely grated onion, fry till golden brown. Then add grated
garlic and ginger paste keep frying till the paste starts leaving oil.
Add turmeric powder, red chilli powder, garam masala powder. add
tomato puree or grated tomato to the paste. When the paste is done add
the chick peas and add some water to it to get some gravy. Let cook
for few minutes. While serving garnish with corinder leaves & chopped
onion only if u want.
Ingredients for Batura or Indian style Naan.
1 cup Plain Flour
1/4 cup wheat flour
Salt to taste (1/4 tsp)
2 tsp Oil
3 tbs yoghurt or u can add 1 boiled potato if u don't have yoghurt.
Method for Naan
Mix plain flour, wheat flour, salt & oil. Mix everything with hand,
and make smooth dough adding yoghurt or potato and little water to it.
Mix very well. Put the dough in a plastic bag. Roll the bag to remove
any air and tie it. Let stand atleast for 6 hours or atleast for 1
hour (You can do it when you put chola in water, previous night). Heat
the oil in a pan. Now roll big size of batura(Naan) with the dough and
fry them in hot oil. Serve hot Naan with hot chick peas.
Baked Vegetable Pie
Ingredients For Stuffing in the Pie:
Cabbage 200 gm
Carrot 100 gm
Beans 100 gm
Cauliflower 100 gm
Peas 100 gm
Onion 100 gm
Ginger 10 gm
Green Chillies 3-4
Oil 2-3 table spoon
Dhania powder 1 tsp
Garam Masala 1/2 tsp
Mango powder 1/2 tsp
Green Coriander 2 tsp (chopped)
For making base and top of the pie
Potato 1/2 kg (boiled and mashed )
2 slice Bread
1/4 cup Milk
Chopped green Coriander
Salt to taste
2-3 tbsp Bread Crumbs
Butter 20 gm
Method For stuffing
Finely chop all the vegetables. Heat oil and fry onion ginger and
green chillies in it till golden brown. Take out a small portion of it
and keep it aside for adding it to potato. Now add all the vegetables
and masala to it. Cover and allow it to cook till it is done on slow
heat. Now after it is cooked, fry it without lid and allow it to dry
and add green coriander to it.
For making the pie
1. Add the onion ,ginger and chillies (which were kept for adding to
potatoes) to boiled and mashed potatoes.
2. Soak bread slices in milk and add it to potato dough.
3. Mix salt and corriander to the dough and make it a smooth dough.
4. Divide the dough in to two equal portions and with oily hand spread
one on a flat surface, slowly keep already cooked vegetables on it.
5. Now cover the vegetables with remaining portion of potato dough.
6. Sprinkle the bread crumbs on it.
7. Place the pie neatly in a greased flat baking dish. Dot the pie with butter.
8. Bake it in an oven at high temperature for about 20 minutes. Golden
brown pie is ready, it can be cut like a cake and served with sauce.
Carrot 1 large
Potato 1
Onion 1
Cauliflower few florets
Frenchbeans few
Tomato red one 2
Coriander leaves fresh
Capsicum green red 2
Pineapple 2 slices
Apple 2 pieces
Oil 2 tbsp.
Salt to taste
Black Salt 1 tbsp.
Tomato Ketchup 2-3 tbsp.
Red Chilli Powder 1/2 tsp.
1. First wash all veg. nicely in chill water.
2. Cut carrot, potato, frenchbeans, cauliflower, all in legnth wise,
now boil them till, half done.
3. Cut onions capsicum keep aside.
4. Cut pineapple and apple keep aside.
5. In a wok or kadai, add oil add onions to it, saute for a while,
then add all boiled vegetables. Saute add capsicum tomatoes and last
pineapple and apple saute for 1 minute then add salt, chilli powder,
black salt and last to last the tomatoe ketchup and coriander.
6. Toss it and serve hot in an iron tawa which should be pre heated
lay one fine leaf of cabbage and pour the veg. on it and before
serving just put few drops of either vineger or butter to bring that
steam effect and your sizzler with sizzling sound and aroma is ready
to serve.
Khatte Channa
Kabuli channa - 200gms
Onions - 2 (long chopped)
Ginger 1" piece finely chopped
Green chillies-2-3 (slit)
Garlic 3-4 pods crushed
Dhania jweera powder 1tsp
Powdered saunf 1/2 tsp
Kala namak 1 tsp
Amchur or anardhana 1 tsp
Ajwain 1 tsp
Methi seeds 1/2 tsp
Garam masala 1 tsp
Oil 2-3 tbsp
Salt to taste
1. Soak channa overnight along with 4-5 bayleaves and a badi elaichi
and a pinch of baking powder or soda.
2. Cook the channa in pressure cooker along with salt to taste.
3. Pressure cook for 10-12 minutes atleast.
4. This dish tastes good if cooked in mustartd oil so if you like the
taste you may use it or else any cooking medium is OK.
5. Heat the mustard oil on a high flame very well. Put off the flame
and add onions and fry a while. Then add the ginger, garlic and slit
green chillies.
6. Light the gas again and boiled channa with the water after removing
the bay leaves and badi elaichi, add all the spices and cook on a low
flame for atleast 25-30 minutes.
7. The black colour qwill come only after cooking with anardhana or
amchur powder for sometime.
8. Cook till water evaporates and channa is almost dry.
9. Garnish with fresh finely chopped coriander leaves.
Methi Paneer Rajma
1 bunch of Methi (leaves only)
1 medium sized Onion (chopped finely)
1 tsp. Urad dal
1 tsp.Jeera (whole)
A few Curry Leaves
100 gms. Paneer (cubed and fried)
150 gms. Rajma (canned)
Salt, Red Chilli Powder to taste
Oil for frying
1 tsp.Turmeric powder
Chat Masala (optional)
Ground Ginger 1 tsp.
1. Wash the Methi leaves and squeeze. Chop them finely.
2. Heat the oil in a pan and put onion, jeera, Urad dal and Curry
leaves. Fry until onion is golden brown.
3. Add Red Chilli powder, Turmeric powder and ginger paste and fry for
a minute. Then add Methi leaves, paneer cubes and Rajma.
4. Add salt and cook until methi is done.
5. Before serving sprinkle little bit of chat masala and serve with Rotis
Tomato Hot Pockets
Pastry sheet (Pepperidge Farm's) - 1 packet.
Two sheets (If frozen, thaw it by putting it in the microwave. Don't overdo it.)
Tomatoes - 4
Onions - 1 big
Green Chilies - 2 or 3
Red chilly Powder - 2 tsp
Turmeric Powder - 1 tsp
Asafoetida (Hing) - two pinches
Mustard seed - 1tsp
Coriander leaves - 1 small bunch
Salt to taste
Oil enough to saute the above
1. Chop the onions and green chilies finely and keep aside. When the
oil gets heated, put mustard seeds. When it splutters, put onions and
chilly and saute well. When the onions become transparent, add the
chopped tomatoes, chilly powder, turmeric powder, asafoetida and salt.
Mix it well and let it cook for few minutes until the mixture boils
well and turns into a thick consistency. Add chopped coriander leaves
in the end.
2. Cut the pastry sheets into small rectangles. Slightly stretch each
pieces either with hand or like we make chappathis. Into each of this
pieces, put two spoons of the tomato mixture and fold it with the
mixture inside. Make small pockets like this out of the two pastry
sheets and place it in a preheated oven (for 5 minutes at about 200
degree) and bake it for another twenty minutes at the same
temperature. The pastry sheet forms a layery cover for the tomato
pocket which is very tasty.
Tomato-Onion Vegetable
Tomatoes - 4 large
Onions - 4
Green chillies -3
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Mustard-1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves for garnishing
Oil-1 tsp
1. Chop the onins ,tomatoes &green chillies finely.
2. Heat oil in a pan.
3. Add mustard seeds and let it splutter.
4. Add the chopped onions and saute till it turns golden brown.
5. Add the green chillies and fry some more.
6. Add the tomatoes and cook for a minute.
7. Add 1 cup water and cook well.
8. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with chappatis.
Paneer Tomato Peas
250 gms Panner chopped into medium pieces
100 gms Peas boiled (if fresh) / frozen (washed)
100 gms Tomato Paste (mashed tomato)
2/3 Tomatoes cut in medium pieces
25 gms Green Chilli paste
1 teaspoonful Garam Masala
1/2 teaspoonful Jeera
25 gms Ginger paste
25 gms Garlic finely cut
1 teaspoonful Kashmiri Mirch (deghi)
1/2 teaspoonful Turmeric powder
1. Put frying pan on heat with cooking oil.
2. Now put jeera and garlic and let them turn brown. Now put tomato
and green chilli paste and fry for 4 minutes.
3. Put boiled peas and medium cut tomatoes. Also put turmeric, garam
masala, ginger paste and kashmiri mirch into it. Fry for 3 minutes and
put paneer. Fry for 3 minutes on high heat. Dish is ready for serving
Tomato Masala
tomato 2 ripe red ones
onion 1 medium sized chopped fine
carrot 1 small grated fine
lemon 1
puffed rice 1 cup
sev 1/2 cup
chat masala 1 tbsp
red chilli powder 1/2 tsp
corriander leaves for garnishing.
salt to taste
1. Cut the ripe tomatoes in thin circles and arrange them on a plate
2. Sprinkle the chopped onions on them and the grated carrot.
3. Now sprinkle the salt,chat masala and red chilli powder and squeeze
1/2 the lemon on it.
4. Add the puffed rice on top as required and top it with
sev.....finally garnish it with corriander leaves
Dahi Karela
Medium sized Karela - Half Kg.
Dahi (curd) - Half cup
Onions (medium sized, cut length wise) - 3
Tomatoes (medium sized, cut to small pieces) - 3
Salt to taste
Garam Masala - One Tea Spoon
Turmeric Powder - One fourth Tea Spoon
Red Chilli Powder - Half Tea Spoon
Dhania Powder - One and a half Tea Spoon
Oil - One and a half Table Spoon
Oil (to deep fry Karela)
Salt (to marinate Karela)
1. Peel the karelas and keep the rind aside.
2. Make a cut (length wise) on the Karelas.
3. Smear the Karelas with salt all over and also inside the cut and
leave overnight.
4. If you want to put the rind in the subzi then, put some salt in the
rind, mix well and leave overnight.
5. Wash the Karelas thoroughly (4-5 times) under running water and
drain, also wash the rind thoroughly.
6. Deep fry the Karelas on medium flame, until golden brown. Set aside.
7. Fry the onions, until golden brown, add tomatoes and cook until
tomatoes are tender.
8. Add all the spices and a little water, fry the masala for 2 minutes.
9. Add the dahi and cook for 1 minute.
10. Add the fried Karelas (and the rind) and cover, let it cook till
Karelas become soft
Stuffed Bittergourd or Karelas
Bitter gourd small and round - 10 nos.
Lemon Juice - 1-2 tbl spoons
5-6 spoons Oil for frying.
For stuffing:
Grid the following. Add garlic at the end.
Fried Ground nuts - 100 gms
Dhania powder (fried) 1 tbl spoon
Grated Dry Coconut - 50 gms
Chilli Powder 1 tbl spoon (adjust to your taste)
Garlic - 1 clove (optional)
Salt - 1tbl spoon (adjust to your taste)
1. Slit bittergourd length wise only one side and with finger or
spoon. Scoop out all the pulp and seeds from the bitter gourds to make
room for stuffing. Do the same to all the bittergourds. Keep the pulp
and seeds aside. They have good nutritious values.
2. Sprinkle lemon juice over the bitter gourd over the opening (use
1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice) and heat the slit bittergourd pieces
in microwave for 3-4 minutes. Check and turn them in between for any
brownness. This will make bitter gourd little tender and they look
still greenish and firm.
3. Divide stuffing into portions and make it into balls and stuff into
the bittergourd and close the cut ends by holding in the middle of the
palm and pressing slowly and gently. As the bitter gourd is firm, it
closes well and stuffing should not be shown out. Complete this step
for all the bittergourds.
4. Heat 5-6 tbl spoons of oil in shallow non-stick pan. Add bitter
gourd. Fry carefully so that the stuffing is not out while turning
them. Cover. As they are cooked before, they get fried in 10-15
minutes in medium heat. Fry till little brownish.
5. Remove and in the same tawa add 1 tbl oil and fry/cook the
pulp+seeds. When done add the left over stuffing (1-2 tbls spoons) and
fry 1-2 minutes and add the fried stuff bittergourd into it. This will
be done in 25-30 minutes and will be excellent side dish that goes
well with dhal or sambar and rice combination.
Rasila Karela
Karela 1 lb.
Besan 1/2 cup
Sugar 1/2 teaspoon
Salt as per taste
Chilli powder 1 teaspoon(or per taste)
Haldi (Turmeric powder)
Coriander powder 4 spoon
1. First of all peel karela and make one cut in it and boil just for 2
minutes in boiling water. Drain water. Let it cool and then gentely
squeez the water out.
2. On other side in kadai heat oil to fry besan. When you smell aroma,
put all dry masala (chilli powder, haldi-dhania- salt-sugar) in besan
and mix it very well. Since besan is already hot, you don't need to
fry this masala for too long. Let this masala cool.
3. Now stuff this masala in karela.
4. Take kadai, heat oil (about 1/2 cup) and fry stuffed karela in it.
When skin is brown take it out. Serve hot.
Karela in Gravy
Take 2-3 Karelas (according to the number of people going to eat it)
Salt according to taste
Vegetable oil for cooking
1 to 1-1/2 cup of water (according to quantity of Karelas)
Black pepper.
1. Have Karela's cut in between
2. Add salt in the filing ( according to taste ). Keep aside for 10-15 minutes
3. Fry the karelas in deep oil.
4. Remove them till they turn crispy and little brownish.
5. Take a hollow vessel , add some oil and add the fried Karelas to this oil.
6. Now add some water according to quantity of Karela's.
7. When the water starts boiling , cover the vessel with a lid and
cook it on slow flame for about 10 minutes. Add black pepper to this.
Eat with khicadi or chapatti
Roast Cauliflower
1 whole cauliflower
3 tbsp oil
1 med. onion thinly sliced
3 cloves garlic thinly sliced
1 inch ginger root grated
1 large tomato
3-4 pods cardamom
2-3 cloves
1 bayleaf
chopped green coriander
1. Wash cauliflower and remove excess leaves and stem, don't cut the
floweret off.
2. Make some slits in the stem and place onions and garlic inside the
3. Now heat oil on medium heat in pot preferably non-stick and add
cardamom, cloves and bayleaf when they brown(only takes seconds) add
chopped tomatoes, place cauliflower in the pot.
4. Mix turmeric, salt and grated ginger in about 6 tbsp. of water and
sprinkle evenly over cauliflower.
5. Cover pot with a tight fitting lid and turn the heat down to low.
remove when done, keep a eye on it if it starts drying out add little
bit more water.
6. Shouldn't take more than 20-30 min. Garnish with coriander. Goes
well with Chapatis.
Masala Gobi
1 large cauliflower stem removed and stump and scored
1 tablespoon poppy seeds
1 tablespoon cashewnuts broken into pieces
10 gms ginger
6 flakes garlic
2 green chillies
2 large onions chopped finely
2 tomatoes chopped finely
Half teaspoon turmeric powder
Half teaspoon red chilly powder
1 tablespoon coriander powder
Half teaspoon cumin powder
1 large tablespoon curd (beaten)
Onion rings, lemon ridges & coriander leaves for garnishing
1. Immerse cauliflower for half an hour in boiling water with 2
teaspoon salt. Drain it and keep aside.
2. Grind poppy seeds and cashew into a paste adding water.
3. Grind ginger, garlic, green chillies into a paste.
4. Heat oil and fry onions till golden brown, add ginger-garlic paste,
tomatoes, turmeric, coriander, cumin and chilli powders
5. Add little water and cook till tomatoes are pulpy. Now add curd and
stir fry till well blended & till oil shows.
6. Now gently lower the cauliflower and fry for 3 minutes on each side
to coat the masala ending with the stump side down.
7. Cover with a tight lid and cook on high for 2 minutes. Reduce heat
and cook till the cauliflower is done. Add cashew paste and a little
water to make it into a gravy.
8. Remove from heat. Place cauliflower on serving dish. Pour masala
over the cauliflower
Cauliflower in Coconut Milk
1 big size Cauliflower (cut into medium size flowerets)
2 big size Potatoes (cut into medium size)
1/4 tsp Onion Seeds (optional)
2 Cardamoms
2 sticks Cinnamom
3 to 4 Cloves
1/2 spoon Cumin seeds
1/2 spoon Mustard seeds
10-15 Curry Leaves
3 to 4 cups of Coconut Milk
1/2 spoon Chilly powder
1 spoon Turmeric powder
1 spoon Jeera (cumin) powder
1 spoon Garam Masala
1 tbsp Giner Garlic Paste
Salt to taste
1/2 cup Ghee or Oil For green paste (grind them to paste)
1 cup Mint leaves
1/2 cup Coriander leaves
2/3 Green Chillies
FOR GRAVY: (grind them to thin paste)
1 large Onion
1/2 cup grated Coconut
2 Cardamoms
2 Bay Leaves
1. Heat ghee in a heavy bottom vessel, add cardamoms, cloves, onion
seeds, cumin, mustard seeds, cinnamom sticks, curry leaves stir for a
few seconds.
2. Add onion coconut paste, stir and cook for 5 minutes till oil
separates, add ginger garlic paste, add the cauliflower and mix well
and cook for 5 to 7 minutes, stiring occasinally till they are half
tender and add a cup of coconut milk, turmeric powder, chilly powder,
jeera powder, salt according to taste, add potatoes and green paste.
3. Cook for 5 minutes stiring occasinally and add the remaining
coconut milk, add garam masala, mix well, close the lid and cook till
the cauliflower and potatoes are tender and cooked.
Gobi Manchurian
1 medium. cauliflower clean and broken into big/smallflorettes.
1 small bunch spring onion finely chopped
5-7 onions cut lengthwise
2-3 capsicum cut lengthwise
4tsp. ginger finely chopped
4tsp. garlic finely chopped
4 tsp green chillies finely choppedv 1/4 cup plain flour
3 tbsp. cornflour
1/4 tsp. red chilli powder
Salt as needed
3 tbsp. oil
1 1/2 cups water
pinch of turmeric powder
soya sauce
tomato sauce

1. Boil the florettes for 10minutes in plenty of water, to which pinch
of turmeric powder and salt is added.
2. Drain and pat dry.
3. Make a batter out of corn flour(plain flour can be added if
needed), red chillie powder and salt.
4. Dip the florettes and deep fry in oil.
5. Heat oil in an wok.
6. Add finely chopped ginger, garlic and green chillies.
7. Add lengthwise cut onions. Add salt.
8. Saute for few minutes.
9. Add lengthwise cut capsicum.
10. Saute for few minutes.
1. Add soya sauce and tomato sauce.
12. Mix well.
13. Add the deep fried florettes and toss it for few minutes.
14. On top of this add finely chopped spring onions, little garlic(cut
15. Heat for few minutes
16. Serve hot for noodles or just for evening snacks.
Spicy and crispy Cauliflower
1 medium size cauliflower
2 handful of coriander leaves
2 inches of ginger and 8 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp of pepper powder
1 pinch ajono-moto( tasting salt,you can get it from any Indian or
chine's groceries)
1 1/2 oz soy sauce and 8 drops of vinegar(optional)
1/2 tbsp of garam masala powder
Pinch of red color(optional) and little salt
1 tbsp besan flour and 2 tbsp corn starch
Oil to fry
1. Cut cauliflower in floweret and make the paste with all ingredients
except besan flour and corn starch
2. Wash the flower in hot water and drain it in a drainer
3. Mix the paste to flower and marinate it atleast for 1/2 hour and to
a maximum of 3-4 hours
4. Then mix the besan and corn starch, fry until it become crispy.
Masala Capsicum
3 capsicums
6-8 spoons cooking oil (add more oil for good taste)
2 spoons thick tamarind juice
1 spoon mirchi powder
3 spoons dhania powder
2 spoons til powder
2 spoons coconut powder(dry)
1/2 spoon jeera
pinch of haldi, hing
salt to taste
1. Cut capsicum into medium-size pieces. Put oil in the cooking pan/kadai.
2. After heating the oil add jeera,hing & then add the capsicum
pieces. Let it cook for 10-15 minutes without lid.
3. Meanwhile, prepare the mixture. Take tamarind juice and add mirchi
powder, haldi, dhania powder, til powder, dry coconut, required amount
of salt and mix well all the ingredients.
4. Add this mixture into the capsicum and and allow it to cook for 3-5 minutes.
5. Now, Masala Capsicum is ready to serve with hot rice.
Capsicum with Peanuts
Big capsicum - 4
Roasted peanuts - 5 tsp
Coconut - 4 tsp (grated)
Tamarind paste - 2 tsp
Jeera - 1 tsp
Oil - 3 tsp
Garam masala - 2 tsp
Red chillie powder - 1 tsp
Turmeric - a pinch
Salt to taste
1. Soak the roasted peanuts for 10 min.
2. Cut the capsicum in to pieces.
3. Put the oil in a pan, add jerra and allow it to split. Then add
capsicum pieces cook until the pieces are soft.
4. Grind the peanuts with grated coconut & tamarind paste with little
amount of water.
5. Add this paste to the capsicum in the pan .
6. Allow it to cook for 2 min.
7. Add salt, chillie powder, garam masala & turmeric
8. Cook until the oil floats on the gravy. Sprinkle some coriander.
Paneer Capsicum Bhurji
Paneer made of 1 liter milk [crumbled] or you can take readymade
paneer cut into very small pieces.
1 large Onion finely chopped.
1 large Capcicum finely chopped.
1 medium Tomato finely chopped.
1-2 Green Chilli finely chopped.
2 tbsp finely chopped Green Coriander Leaves.
1 tsp. Dhania-Jeera powder.
1/2 tsp. Red Chilli powder.
1/2 tsp. Garam Masala powder
1 tsp. Chat Masala
2 tbsp. Oil
1 tbsp. Butter
Salt to taste.
1. Take oil in pan & when heated put onions & fry it for two minutes,
then add capcicum &let it fry for another 3-4 minutes.
2. Then add tomatoes and fry for 2 more minutes, add paneer, green
chillies & all masalas, salt & let it fry for 3-4 minutes.
3. Now add butter & coriander leaves.
4. Serve hot with Roti or Paratha.
Potato Capsicum Masala
(Serves 3-4)
Potato 1/2 kg
Capsicum 2 medium size
Tomato 3-4
Onion 2 medium size
Turmeric powder 1/2 tspn
chillie powder 1/2 tspn
Dhania powder 1/2 tspn
Garam masala 1/2 tspn
Jeera 1/2 tspn
Salt for taste
Oil for cooking
Coriander leaves little
1. Pressure cook potatoes, peel and cut into big pieces.
2. Cut capsicum into one inch square, tomatoes into small pieces and
slice onions.
3. In a pan heat little oil, put jeera and put onion fry till it
becomes light brown.
4. Put capsicum pieces fry and add cut tomato and all the dry powders
,salt and cover with a lid until the vegetables are cooked.
5. Now add the potato pieces fry for few minutes. Garnish with
coriander leaves. Serve hot with roti.
Matar Paneer
1 cup Dry Green Peas
1 2/3 cup Paneer cubes
1 medium Onion chopped
2 cloves Garlic
1/2tsp fresh Ginger
2 medium Tomatoes
1 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp ground Coriander
Coriander leaves
1 cup Water
1/2 tsp Chilli powder
6 tbsp Oil
Salt to taste
1. Soak dry peas overnight and boil them (pressure cook or cook on
medium heat until tender)
2. Drain and set aside.
3. Blend onion ginger and garlic together.
4. Blend tomatoes seperately into a paste.
5. Heat oil in a sauce pan and fry paneer cubes until they turn golden brown.
6. Drain on a paper and set aside.
7. In remaining oil fry onion paste until golden brown, stir in tomato
paste and fry for 2 min until oil comes to the top.
8. Add turmeric, chilli powder, coriander and salt and continue to fry
for another 2 min.
9. Add boiled peas and stir to mix with the spices.
10. Add water and bring to a boil, cover and simmer on low flame for 5 min.
1. Add fried paneer and simmer for 10 min more.
12. Finally garnish with coriander leaves.
Aloo Matar in Dahi
1 cup Fresh Green Peas
1 medium size Boiled Potato cut into cubes
Asafoetida 1/4 teaspoon
1 cup Water
1/2 cup Dahi
1 tsp Coriander powder
1 tsp Jeera
Chilli Powder to taste
pinch of Turmeric powder
freshly chopped Corriander leaves
1 table spoon Cooking Oil
1. Heat the cooking oil in a kadai (wok) and when the oil is hot add
jeera. When jeera is fried add asafoetida, coriander powder, chilli
powder & turmeric and add water, fresh peas salt to taste.
2. Allow the peas to cook in water and when it is cooked add boiled
and cut potato cubes and allow it to boil for a few minutes. Do not
allow the mixture to go thick. Add little more water if it goes thick
and boil.
3. Put the fire off and add dahi (butter milk). Add coriander leaves.
4. Serve hot with Puri or Chappatti etc.
Malai Mutter Paneer
1. 1 packet store bought paneer.
2. 2 cups frozen peas
3. half cup light cream
4. a handful of broken cashews
5. chopped coriander
6. 2 tablespoons tomato paste
7. 2 medium size red onions
8. 1 tablespoon ginger-garlic paste
9. 1 tablespoon khus-khus
10. 1 teaspoon masala powder
1. 3 elaichis
12. red chili powder (according to taste)
1. Grind the ingredients from 6 to 12 in a food processor.
2. In a saucepan,add 3 tablespoons of oil and add some cumin.
3. Then add the paste from the food processor.
4. Cook for about 10 minutes till all the water evaporates.
5. Now add the peas,cover and cook for 5 minutes.
6. Meanwhile cut the paneer into 1 inch cubes.
7. Fry the cashews in little ghee.
8. Add cream to the saucepan and cook for 15 minutes.
9. Now add the paneer,cashews, chopped cilantro and salt to it.
10. Mix well and heat up.
1. Enjoy with chapattis,nan etc;
Shahi Matar Paneer
Cottage Cheese -250 gms
Peas (frozen or fresh) -1 cup
Onion - 1 medium
Tomato Sauce 1/2 cup
Ginger - 1/2 inch
Garlic 2-3 pods
Cream fresh or frozen -2tsp
Curd -1/2 cup
Chilli powder -1 tsp
Coriander powder 1 tsp
Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp
Garam Masala 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste.
Oil - 2-3 tsp
1. You can either make cottage cheese at home by cuddling milk with
white vinegar or get readymade cottage cheese.
2. In a blender make a fine paste of onions , ginger , garlic and heat
a wok and add oil to it. When the oil is hot add cumin seeds and let
them splutter. Now add the above paster. And fry till golden brown and
oil starts to leave the sides of wok.
3. Add tomato paste and fry again till oil leave sthe sides. To this
add the chilli powder, coriander powder, haldi, garam masala and fry
for about 2-3 min.
4. Add the curd and keep stirring continously till it blends well.
Don't leave stirring otherwise the curd will coagulate.
5. Finally add the cream and stir well. Add about 1 cup water and let
it come to boil and add peas to it and cook it covered for about 10
6. Add the pre cut paneer pieces and cook for another 2-3 min.
7. Garnish with a little bit of cream and chopped cilantro.
8. Serve hot with Chappattis or Pulao or Puri.
Navratan Spinach
Frozen Spinach 2 package (1 lb. fresh)
Mixed Vegetables 1 package (16 ounce)(carrot, pea, bean, and corn)
(Note: you can take these vegetables fresh)
Two medium size onions (chopped)
Garlic (According to your taste)
Tomato sauce 2 small cans (fresh tomato 1 lb.)
Ricotta cheese 16 ounces (can use paneer)
Vegetables oil 2 tsp.
Ginger (chopped)
Green pepper (chopped)
Raisins and Cashew nuts (according to your liking)
1. Thaw the spinach for two hours. (Fresh Spinach - chopped it and put
in the pressure cooker for one whistle).
2. Take a saucepan, warm the oil and add Raisins, cashew nuts, garlic,
pepper, ginger, onions into the pan. Cook the mixture until onions
become brown.
3. Now add Ricotta cheese, spinach, mixed vegetables and salt into the
pan and cover it. Let it cook until mixture tries.
4. Now add spices (coriander powder, turmeric powder, and chili
powder, Garam Masala) and mix it well.
5. Add tomato sauce and cook until mixture becomes try again.
6. Now it is ready serve with Nan, Chapatti, or Paratha.
Potato Spinach or Aloo Palak
1 Bunch of Spinach
1 medium size boiled potato
2 Tomatoes
1 Onion
2 Green chillies
1 Piece of Ginger
Salt to taste.
1 tab sp. oil
1. Wash Spinach under a flow of water and keep it in the pan.
2. Close the lid of pan and put it on low flame.
3. In the mean time grind tomatoes, ginger and green chillies in mixie.
4. Cut onion into very pieces and fry it in oil till little brown.
5. After the Spinach becomes soft, remove it from flame and let it be cool.
6. Add the mixture prepared in step 3 to the fried onion for 3 min.
7. Grind the Spinach in mixie till it becomes like thick liquid.
8. Cut the boiled potato inot very small pieces.
9. Add the salt, Spinach and potato into the puree prepared in step 6.
10. Add 1/4 cup of water to it and let it be boil.
Dal Palak
1 cup Tur Dal (wash it and soak it for 1-2 hr with hot water)
1 cup Spinch leaves (wash it and chopped it)
1 Tomato (finely chopped)
1 Onion (finely chopped)
1/2 tea spoon Ginger Garlic paste
1 tea spoon Red Chilly powder
1/2 tea spoon Turmeric powder
1 tea spoon Coriander powder
2 table spoon of Lime Juice
2 table spoon Oil
1/2 tea spoon Jeera
pinch of Hing (asafoetida)
2 Green Chillies (finely chopped)
Salt to taste
1. Take a vessel and cook tur dal in it. When it cooked 3/4 then add
spinch leaves, onion, tomato, salt, turmeric powder, ginger garlic
paste and hing. Now cook all the things till they are cooked
2. In a frying pan heat the oil and add all above mentioned
ingredients (except lime juice) and pour it over cooked dal.
3. Now add lime juice in it and mix it well.
4. Serve hot with Chapati or Rice.
Palak Kofta Curry
Spinach (palak) - 3 bunches
Milk - 1 cup
Onions -3
Potatoes -5 or 6
Bread - 4 slices
Green chillies - 2 or 3
Ginger -1 inch piece
Chilli Powder -1 tsp
Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp
Dry mango powder - 1/2 tsp
Butter or oil - 2 tabl.sps
Salt - to taste
Oil - for deep frying
1. Pressure cook potatoes, peel and mash thoroughly.
2. Soak bread in water, squeeze and add to the potatoes. Mix with
finely cut onions, chillies, coriander leaves, garam masala, salt,
mango powder and small amount of the finely chopped palak.
3. Mix well and prepare small balls.
4. Deep fry in hot oil and keep aside.
For the Gravy:
1. Chop onions and mince ginger.
2. Wash and chop palak finely.
3. Heat a teaspoon of oil in a pan and fry the palak with a little
sugar added to it.
4. Sprinkle water if necessary.
5. In few minutes it becomes soft. (sugar is added, which preserves
the green colour).
6. Remove from fire, cool and grind to a smooth paste.
7. Heat butter in a 'Kadai', fry chopped onions, add ginger then the
ground palak with milk, salt, chilli powder, mango powder, turmeric
and garam masala.
8. Mix well and boil till it becomes a thick gravy.
9. Add Koftas just before removing from fire or while serving.
1/2 kg. Bhendi (lady's finger)
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1/2 fresh coconut
4-5 green chillies
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp turmeric powder
salt to taste
1 cup curd.
1. Wash, wipe and cut bhendi into small pieces.
2. Grind the coconut, chillies, mustard seeds together to a paste.
3. Fry the cut bhendi.
4. Add turmeric powder, salt, jaggery and coconut paste to the well
fried bhendi.
5. Then add curds and mix well.
6. Heat this mixture for a while.
7. Serve with chapatti or rice.
Stuffed Bhindi
1/2 lb Bhindi (Ladiesfinger)
2 tbsp besan
1 tsp dhaniya powder
1 tsp jeera powder
1 tsp chilli powder
1/4 tsp haldi
1/2 tsp garam masala
1 tsp lemon juice
2 tbsp oil
Coriander leaves
Salt to taste
1. Mix dhaniya powder, jeera powder, besan, chilli powder, haldi,
garam masala, lemon juice & salt.
2. Wash Bhindi properly. Dry it with a cloth.
3. Slit Bhindi lengthwise.
4. Fill in each of the Bhindi with the masala mixture (as prepared in step 1).
5. Grease frying pan with 1 tbsp oil.
6. Place the Bhindi in the pan in convenient batches.
7. Shallow fry all of them.
8. Remove in a serving plate. Garnish with coriander leaves.
Bhindi in Tomato-Onion gravy
Bhindi (Lady finger) - 500 gms.
Tomato - 2 (tomato puree can also be used - 2 tbsp.-- concentrated )
Onion - 1 large sized
Cooking Oil - 4 tbsp.
Mustard seeds, Jeera , Fennel (saunf), turmeric -- 1/4 tsp. each.
Chilli powder - depending on the spiciness required
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves to garnish.
1. Cut Bhindi into small round slices and fry in 3 tsp. of oil
2. Heat 1 tbsp. of oil, add mustard, jeera, fennel, & turmeric and fry
till the seeds begin to crackle . Add this to the fried bhindi
3. Grind tomatoes and onion to a smooth paste, add this to the above
4. Add chilli powder, salt & cook for 3-4 mins.
5. Add 1 cup of water, cover and cook again for 5 mins.
6. Garnish with coriander, serve hot
Coconut and Bendi Fry
Bendi (Okra)
Coconut half cup
Chilli powder according to taste
Salt according to taste
Cashew few (Optional)
Oil to fry
1. First wash the bendi and spread it on a paper so that it's dried.
2. Cut them into small slices (round).
3. Keep oil in kadai and deep-fry them till they become crispy.
4. Next deep-fry coconut also same way till they turn golden brown.
5. Next deep-fry cashew nuts and add them to bendi and coconut.
6. Heat 1 tsp. of oil in pan; add mustard when oil is heated. Then add
channa dhal and urud dhal for seasoning.
7. Then add above mixture, salt and chilli powder and mix properly.
Heat it for some time till raw smell of chilli powder is gone
Stuffed Eggplants or Baigan
1/2 Lb Small Round Eggplants
For Stuffing:
4 Tbsp Coriander seeds (Dhania)
4 Tbsp Sesame Seeds (Til)
5 Tbsp Ground Roasted Peanuts
1 Pinch Backing Soda
2 Tbsp Dry Shredded Coconut
1 Tsp Turmeric (Haldi)
2 Tsp Salt
1 Tbsp Crushed Garlic Cloves
1/2 Cup Chopped Fresh Coriander Leaves (Dhaniya)
1 Tsp Garam Masala (Cloves, Cinnamon, Pepper etc.)
1 Tsp Red Chili Powder
2 Tbsp Peanut Oil Or Corn Oil
2 Tbsp Jaggery (Gud) Or Brown Sugar
2 Tbsp Tamarind Pulp
2 Tbsp Poppy Seeds
For Tempering (Baghar)
4 Tbsp Peanut Oil Or Any Oil
1 Pinch Asafetida (Hing)
1/2 Tsp Fenugreek (Methi)
1 Spring Curry Leaves (Sweet Neem Leaves)
1. Slit eggplants by making two cuts lengthwise,at right angle to each
other, leaving stem intact.
2. Dry roast coriander seeds, sesame seeds, peanuts, Poppy seeds and
shredded coconut separately and coarsely grind to make coarse paste.
3. Add crushed garlic, chopped coriander, salt, turmeric, garam
masala, pinch of soda, Poppy seeds and 2 Tbsp of oil.
4. Mix and loosely stuff it in slit made earlier in eggplants.
5. Add jeggery and tamarind pulp to the left over stuffing along with
little water to make thick sauce. Keep aside for later use.
6. Now in a heavy bottom pan heat 4 Tbsp oil and when at right
temperature add fenugreek, asafetida and curry leaves.
7. Fry for few seconds and add stuffed eggplants.
8. Reduce heat to low, cover pan with thali and put some water in
thali so as to cook eggplant with their own steam.
9. Add little water if bottom dry and starts to stick. Cook on low
heat until eggplants tender.
10. Stir or rearrange eggplants by tossing whole pan rather than using spoon.
1. When eggplants are tender pour jeggery tamarind mixture over
eggplants and cook for few more minutes. Serve with Roti, Pratha ,
naan or rice.
Baigan Coconut Masala
Ingredients for Cooking Small Brinjals:
Small Brinjals 5 (cleaned and tops removed and sliced vertically into
strips- say like finger chips)
Onion one large, sliced thinly
scraped fresh coconut 1/4 coconut
Turmeric Powder 1/4 tsp
Chili Powder 1/4 tsp
Fennel Seeds (Saunf) 1 tsp
Curry Leaves 1 Sprig
Coriander leaves for garnish
Salt to taste
Oil for frying
Heat oil in a kadai or pan and when hot add the fennel seeds and when
they splutter, in goes the sliced onions. When they are just about
done, say a little browned, add in the powders ( turmeric + chili) and
saut�. After 2 min, add in the coconut and fry for another 2 minutes.
Now put in the sliced brinjals and toss around the masala adding salt
taste and close the pan and cook on slow flame. Stir in between so
that the brinjals doesn't get burnt. If it needs little more oil, do
be generous. Cook on slow flame till done. Garnish with coriander
Dal Makhani
Black grams 1 cup
Bengal grams 1/2 cup
Kidney beans 1/4 cup
Ginger 1 inch
Green chilli 2-3
Butter 4 tbsp.
Cream 2 tbsp.
Finely chopped tomatoes 3
Finely chopped onions 2
Garlic 7-8 pieces
Cumin seeds 1 tsp.
Asafoetida 1 pinch
Red chilli powder 2 tsp.
Salt to taste
Thoroughly wash black grams, bengal grams and kidney beans. Then soak
it in water (2 glasses) for about 7-8 hours. Add ginger and garlic to
the above. Pressure cook for about 10 minutes (3-4 whistles). Then
reduce the heat to 'medium' and cook for about 15 minutes. Remove
ginger-garlic from the cooked grams and make a paste. Heat 2 tbsp. of
butter in a pan. Fry asafoetida and cumin seeds in it. Add thinly
sliced green chilli. Heat till it gets slight brown in color. Add
ginger-garlic paste and finely chopped onions. Fry until golden brown.
Add chilli powder, finely chopped tomatoes and salt. Cook until the
mixture thickens into pulpy sauce (about 3 mins). Then add cooked
grams and kidney beans to the mixture. Heat for 4-5 minutes. You can
add a little water if you find it too thick.
Add the remaining butter and cook for 2 minutes. Dal Makhni is ready
to serve. Decorate with cream.
Dum Aloo
Small potatoes 1/2 kg
Coriander seeds 1 tbsp.
Cardamoms (brown) 4
Cloves 4-5
Black pepper 7-8
1 small piece
Caraway seeds 1/4 tsp.
Cardamom (green) 2
Asafoetida a pinch
Bay Leaves 4-5
Ginger garlic paste 1 tsp.
Turmeric Powder 1/2 tsp.
Chilli powder 1 tsp.
Medium size onion (grated) 1
Fine yogurt (curd) 2 cup
Milk 1/2 cup
Ghee/oil 4 tbsp.
Salt to taste
1. Take coriander seeds, cardamoms, cloves, black pepper, cinnamon,
caraway seeds, cardamom green and grind it in a blender to make fine
2. Peel off the potatoes and prick it.
3. Heat oil in pressure pan for about one minute. Fry the potatoes in
oil over medium heat till they change the color from white to light
brown. Set aside.
4. Add bay leaves, asafoetida, ginger-garlic paste, grated onion to
the remaining oil. Fry till the paste becomes reddish brown and the
mixture starts separating from the oil.
5. Add the garam masala prepared in step1 to this mixture and heat for
2-3 minutes.
6. Add turmeric powder, chilli powder and salt. Fry it about a minute.
7. Now add milk to make the gravy. Then add yogurt (fine) and
continuously stir it.
8. If you find the gravy too thick, you can add some water.
9. Finally add pricked fried potaoes to the gravy and pressure cook
it. Switch off the gas after 4-5 minutes (before first whistle).
Decorate it with green coriander leaves and serve hot.
Nargisi kofta
Ingredients For Kofta:
Boiled vegetables (carrot, green peas, bottle gourd, potato, cauliflower) 2 cups
Ginger paste 3/4 tsp.
Black pepper powder 1/2 tsp.
Maida (refined flour) 2 tbsp.
Vegetable oil 8-10 tbsp.
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves for decoration

For Gravy:
Boiled onions (paste) 1 cup
Finely chopped tomatoes 1 cup
Vegetable oil 4 tbsp.
Bay leaves 3-4
Ginger & Garlic paste 1 tsp.
Green chilli paste 1/2 tsp.
Coriander powder 1 tsp.
Red chilli powder 1 tsp.
Turmeric Powder 3/4 tsp.
Garam Masala Powder 1 tsp.
Cream 4 tbsp.
Salt to taste
Method For Kofta:
1. Mash all the boiled vegetables. Add ginger paste, pepper powder,
maida and salt.
2. Make into small kofta balls.
3. Heat oil on 'high'.
4. Reduce heat to 'medium' and then fry kofta balls so that they cook
properly. First try with one ball. Check if the oil is heated properly
and ball comes out well. If you find that the balls are splattering,
then add little more maida to the mixture.
For Gravy:
1. Heat oil in pan .
2. Fry bay leaves for 30 seconds.
3. Add onion paste, ginger-garlic paste and green chilli paste. Fry
the mixture till it becomes golden brown and starts separating from
4. Add garam masala, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, dhania
powder, salt to the mixture and heat for about 3-4 minutes on
5. Add appropriate water to the mixture to make thick gravy.
6. Bring the gravy to boil and then cover it. Let it cook for 4-5 minutes.
7. Add 2 tbsp. of cream so that the cream flavor blends with gravy.
5-10 minutes prior to serving, add kofta balls to the gravy. Heat on
'medium' to 2-3 mins.
Decorate with the remaining cream and finely chopped coriander leaves.
Hara Pulao
Basmati rice 1 cup
Cauliflower (cut into small pieces) 250 grams
Green peas 150 grams
Thinly sliced potatoes 200 grams
Cinnamon 2 sticks
Cloves 4-5
Black pepper 7-8
Bay leaves 2-3
Green cardamom 2
Thinly sliced onions 2
Thinly sliced green chilli 2
Vegetable oil 4 tbsp.
Paste of {green Coriander leaves, green chillies, ginger}
Salt to taste
Garam Masala Powder
Heat 1 tbsp. oil in a pan. Fry bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon, black
pepper for 1/2 minute on medium heat. Add thinly sliced onions, green
chillies and fry till pink. Keep this aside. Take rest of the oil and
fry all the vegetables for 4-5 minutes. This adds taste to pulao. Add
paste of coriander leaves, green chilli and ginger to it. Add the
fried onions, garam masala and salt. Stir and then fry it for 5
Add washed rice and water (slightly more than 2 cups). Cook on medium
heat. Stir rice once while its getting cooked. Green spicy pulao is
ready to serve. Decorate with chopped green coriander leaves.
Navratna korma
Boiled vegetables (9 varieties-potatoes, carrots, green peas, french
beans, cauliflower, capsicum, cabbage, bottle gourd, cluster beans) 3
Grated paneer 150 grams
Tomatoes 3
Grated onions 2
Ginger & Garlic paste 1-1/2 tsp.
Salt to taste
Turmeric Powder 1 tsp.
Red chilli powder 1-1/2 tsp.
Coriander powder 1 tsp.
Garam Masala Powder 2 tsp.
Cream 2 tbsp.
Vegetable oil 6 tbsp.
Ghee 1 tbsp.
Milk / water 1 cup
Dry fruits (cashew nuts, raisins) 1/4 cup
Coriander leaves for decoration
Boil tomatoes till tender. Allow them to cool. Then peel off the
tomato skin to make puree. Readymade tomato puree can also be used.
Take 1 tbsp ghee and slightly fry the dry fruits for about 1 min on
medium heat. Heat oil in a pan. Fry onions and ginger-garlic paste
till golden brown.
Add salt, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, garam
masala and fry for 2-3 minutes.
Next add tomato puree and dry fruits. Stir well and cook the mixture
for 4 minutes. Ensure that the mixture doesn't stick to bottom of pan.
Add milk (use water alternatively) . Bring it to boil. Reduce the heat
and cook until the gravy becomes thick. Add paneer to the gravy and
stir well.
Finally add all the vegetables to the above gravy and cook for 5-7 minutes.
Serve hot. Decorate with cream and chopped coriander leaves.
Paneer Masala
Paneer 250 grams
Water 2 cups
Tomatoes 3
Green cardamom powder 1/4 tsp.
Cloves 8
Black pepper powder 1 tsp.
Vegetable oil 3 tbsp.
Paste of ginger-garlic & green chilli 1 tsp.
Turmeric Powder 1/2 tsp.
Red chilli powder 1 tsp.
Cumin seeds 1 tsp.
Coriander leaves for decoration
Salt to taste
1. Grate the paneer.
2. Boil tomatoes and then peel off the skin. Mash them to make a pulpy sauce.
3. Heat oil in a pan.
4. Fry cloves, cumin seeds, ginger-garlic- green chilli paste.
5. Add cardamom powder, black pepper powder, chilli powder, salt,
turmeric. Stir well.
6. Add pulpy tomato sauce. Fry for 4-5 minutes more.
7. Add water and boil. Let it cook on medium heat till the gravy becomes thick.
8. Finally add the grated paneer. Do not cook for more than a minute
after putting paneer. Remove from heat.
Paneer masala is ready to be served. Decorate with chopped green
coriander leaves.
Shahi Paneer
Paneer 200 grams
Medium onions 2
Ginger an inch
Garlic 3-4 pieces
Green chillies 2
White pepper powder 1/2 tsp.
Red chilli powder 1 tsp.
Turmeric Powder 3/4 tsp.
Garam Masala Powder 1 tsp.
Cream 3-4 tbsp.
Dry fruits (cashew nuts, raisins, makhane) 1/4 cup
Milk 1/2 cup
Vegetable oil 8-10 tbsp.
Salt to taste
Heat oil in a pan/kadhai. Cut paneer into small cubes. Fry over medium
heat until light brown. Turn pieces while frying. Be very careful as
it splatters. Keep the paneer pieces aside. Saute the dry fruits in a
tbsp. of oil. Grind onion, ginger, garlic, green chilli in a blender
and make a fine paste.
Fry the mixture in the remaining oil until golden brown and oil starts
separating. Add salt, red chilli powder, white pepper, turmeric
powder, garam masala. Saute for 1-2 minutes. Add milk to make the
gravy. Bring the gravy to boil. Reduce the heat and cook until the
gravy becomes thick.
Put a portion of the dry fruits in the gravy while it is being cooked.
This adds flavour to the dish. Keep the rest of dry fruits for
decorating. Finally add paneer pieces and 1 tbsp cream. Heat for 5
Shahi paneer is ready to serve. Decorate with cream and dry fruits.
Coriander leaves are optional.
Vegetable Biryani
Basmati rice 2 cups
Mixed vegetable (cauliflower, potato, carrot, french beans) 1 cup
Green peas 150 grams
Thinly sliced onion 3
Thin sliced green chillies 2
Salt to taste
Red chilli powder 1 tsp.
Cinnamon, caraway seeds 2 tsp.
Cloves 4
Black pepper powder 1/2 tsp.
Tomato 4
Yogurt (curd) 1/2 cup
Vegetable oil 4 tbsp.
Mustard seeds 1/2 tsp.
Dry fruits (cashew nuts, raisin) 3 tbsp.
Wash rice well before cooking. Then take rice with 3-3/4 cup water and
a little salt added to it and 2 tbsp of dry fruits. Cook it in
pressure cooker(wait for one whistle and then switch off the gas). You
can also cook it in a pan or do microwave cooking just the same way as
you cook ordinary rice. Cut all the vegetables into small thin pieces
and fry each one of it separately in oil. Also fry the green peas.
Then fry mustard seeds, green chilli, cinnamon and caraway seeds
powder, cloves, black pepper powder for about half minute and then add
onions. Fry till the color of onion changes to pink.
Add salt and red chilli powder and stir it properly. Add fine chopped
tomatoes and fry till they are properly cooked. Next add yogurt (fine)
and stir well.Heat it for about 10 seconds.
Add all the fried vegetables. Lastly add the cooked rice and mix well
with very light hands so that the rice grain doesn't break. Cook for
about 3 minutes.
Keep the vegetable biryani in a serving dish. Decorate with dry fruits
and green coriander leaves.
Vegetable Jalfrezi
Carrots 2
Cauliflower florets 8 - 9
Green beans 11 - 12
Green peppers, small 2
Green peas 1/2 cup
Tomato, small 1
Onions, medium 2
Almonds 7-8
Cashews 7-8
Ginger 2 inches
Garlic 2 - 3 flakes
Cumin seeds 1 tsp.
Red chilli powder 1 tbsp.
Coriander powder 1 tbsp.
Lemon juice 1 tbsp.
Coriander leaves, chopped for garnishing
Salt to taste
Water 1 cup
Cut vegetables into 1 inch pieces. Grate one onions and keep aside.
Make thin slices of the second onion. Keep aside. Make paste of
almonds and cashews. Keep aside. Make paste of ginger and garlic. Keep
aside. Heat oil in a pan. Add cumin seeds. Wait till they sputter. Add
grated onions and stir till lightly cooked. Reduce flame. Add
ginger-garlic paste, lemon juice, chilli powder and coriander powder.
Stir. After a minute, add almond-cashew paste. Stir the mixture till
it is barely dry and starts separating from sides of the pan. Add
carrots, cauliflower and green beans. Mix well. Now add water. Stir,
cover and let boil for 4-5 minutes. Add green peppers, tomato, green
peas and sliced onions while continuously stirring. Cook till
vegetables are tender. Now add salt. Leave on heat for a minute more.
Garnish with coriander leaves. Serve hot.
Aloo Masala
Potato 1 kg
Whole Coriander 1 cup
Cumin seeds 1 cup
Whole red chillies 15 to 20
Tamarind 1/2 cup (as per taste)
Vegetable oil 3 tbsp
Salt to taste
For Garnish:
Finely chopped Green Chillies
Finely chopped Coriander leaves
1. Boil potatoes. Peel and cut each potato into 4 to 6 pieces as per
the size. Keep aside.
2. Roast slightly coarriander, red chillies and cummin seed in a
gridle and grind it thickly in a little water.
3. Soak tamarind in little water.
4. Heat oil in the pan and put the grounded spices in it. Add salt and
stir for a while.
5. Add cut potatoes to it and stir.
6. Add tamarind water and put in slow fire for a while.
Garnish it with finely cut green chillies & coriander leaves.
Malai kofta
Ingredients for making koftas
Milk 600 ml.
Lemon juice 2-3 tbsp.
Gram flour (besan) 4 tbsp.
Oil for frying
Salt to taste

(You can aslo use grated fresh paneer for koftas.)
For Gravy:
Oil 3 tsp.
Milk 400 ml.
Onion 1 (large)
Tomatoes 2 (medium)
Turmeric Powder 1 tsp.
Green chillis 2
Salt to taste
1. Heat milk in pan & bring it to boil. Remove from heat.
2. Add lemon juice. Stir slowly & gently until white curd forms on the surface &
separates from whey. Strain the milk. This will give you "chenna".
Squeeze "chenna" to make sure that most water is extracted. Knead
"chenna" to make a smooth dough. Make small balls if equal size and
wrap each ball in gram flour. Fry these "chenna" balls in oil until
golden brown and keep aside.

Making gravy:
Take a pan/kadai with specified oil and fry chopped onion until it
turns pink. Add turmeric powder & green chillies. Add chopped tomatoes
and fry well till the mixture starts separating from oil. Now add milk
in it & let it boil. Keep stiring in between. After boiling for
approx. 5-7 min, add the fried "chenna" balls & let it boil for
another two min.
Punjabi Rajma
Rajma 250 grams
Salt as per taste
Cumin seeds 1 tsp
Onion paste 3 tbsp
Ginger-garlic paste 1 tsp
Curd 1 tbsp
Tomato puree 2 tbsp
Coriander Powder 2 tsp
Fenugreek Leaves (Kassori Methi) 1 tsp
Turmeric Powder 1/2 tsp
Red chilli powder as per taste
Vegeatble oi1.5 tbsp
Water 1 ltr.

Add rajma and salt to water. Boil it for about 20 minutes in a
pressure pan. On the other side take a pan. Add vegetable oil and
cumin seeds to it. Then mix grinded onion paste in it. Keep stirring
till it turns light brown in colour. Add garlic and ginger paste and
stir well. Then add curd and stir till it turns brown. Add tomato
puree and keep stirring. Add coriander powder, kasoori methi, turmeric
powder and red chilly powder and stir till it leaves oil. Mix it with
boiled rajma. Pressure cook for about 1 whistle , then remove it from
gas. Serve hot by garnishing it with chopped coriander leaves and
garam masala.
Vegetable tikka masala
Plain Yogurt 250 ml.
Lemon 1/2 (squeezed to get juice)
Ginger root 1 inch. (chopped)
Onions 2 (chopped)
Garlic cloves 3 (chopped)
Turmeric Powder 1-1/2 tsp.
Cinnamon powder 1 tsp.
Red chilli powder 1 tsp.
Coriander powder 2 tsp.
Butter or clarified butter (ghee) 2 tbsp.
Fresh Vegetables (Suggested: Mushrooms, peas, carrots, cauliflower,
potato. Can use other vegetables too) 2 cups
Cardomom 20 pods
Coriander leaves
Salt and pepper to taste
Combine the yoghurt and chopped ginger, garlic and onions into a
blender. Blend until smooth.
Add the lemon juice, salt and Pepper. Add the spices but stopping
before you get to the cardomom pods. Blend all the spices until nicely
mixed. Add a few of the fresh coriander leaves and again mix until
lightly blended. (At this stage this will smell fantastic). Add the
butter or clarified butter to a pre-heated slow cooker or large pot.
Melt until the butter or clarified butter starts slightly bubbling.
Add blended ingredients. Take the cardomom pods and add to the sauce.
Cardomom pods have a sharp taste and could surprise you with a sudden
zingy flavor during the meal. To avoid that, powder these pods before
adding them to the sauce. Add the two cups of vegetables and mix
lightly. Add the rest of the Coriander leaves. If cooking in a slow
cooker, set to "low" and leave for about 6 hours. If using the pot to
cook, keep on low heat until the mixture bubbles and the vegetables
are to your liking.
Serve hot with Chapatti or naan.
Nargisi kofta
For Kofta:
Boiled vegetables (carrot,
green peas, bottle gourd, potato, cauliflower) 2 cups
Ginger paste 3/4 tsp.
Black pepper powder 1/2 tsp.
Maida (refined flour) 2 tbsp.
Vegetable oil 8-10 tbsp.
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves for decoration
For Gravy:
Boiled onions (paste) 1 cup
Finely chopped tomatoes 1 cup
Vegetable oil 4 tbsp.
Bay leaves 3-4
Ginger & Garlic paste 1 tsp.
Green chilli paste 1/2 tsp.
Coriander powder 1 tsp.
Red chilli powder 1 tsp.
Turmeric Powder 3/4 tsp.
Garam Masala Powder 1 tsp.
Cream 4 tbsp.
Salt to taste
Method For Kofta:
Mash all the boiled vegetables. Add ginger paste, pepper powder, maida
and salt. Make into small kofta balls. Heat oil on 'high'. Reduce heat
to 'medium' and then fry kofta balls so that they cook properly. First
try with one ball. Check if the oil is heated properly and ball comes
out well. If you find that the balls are splattering, then add little
more maida to the mixture.

For Gravy:
Heat oil in pan. Fry bay leaves for 30 seconds. Add onion paste,
ginger-garlic paste and green chilli paste. Fry the mixture till it
becomes golden brown and starts separating from oil. Add garam masala,
red chilli powder, turmeric powder, dhania powder, salt to the mixture
and heat for about 3-4 minutes on 'medium'. Add appropriate water to
the mixture to make thick gravy. Bring the gravy to boil and then
cover it. Let it cook for 4-5 minutes. Add 2 tbsp. of cream so that
the cream flavor blends with gravy. 5-10 minutes prior to serving, add
kofta balls to the gravy. Heat on 'medium' to 2-3 mins.
Decorate with the remaining cream and finely chopped coriander leaves.
Stuffed Tomatoes
8 Large tomatoes
2 Potatoes, boiled & mashed
1/2 Green peas
1 cup Grated paneer
1 tbspRed chilli powder
1 tbsp Turmeric Powder
1/2 tsp Garam Masala Powder
1/4 tsp Mango powder
1 tsp Aniseed (saunf)
1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
1/2 tsp Cumin seeds
4 tbsp Vegetable oil
Coriander leaves
Salt to taste
Heat 2 tbsp. oil in a frying pan. Fry mustard seeds, cumin seeds and
aniseed for about 30 seconds. Reduce the heat to 'medium'. Add red
chilli powder, garam masala, turmeric powder and salt. Add mashed
potatoes and green peas. Mix well. Remove from heat. Keep aside for a
minute. Keep 2 tbsp. of paneer on the side for garnishing and add the
rest to the above mixture. Cut the top of the tomatoes and scoop out
the pulp. Stuff mixture equally in all tomato shells. Heat the
remaining oil in the pan. Cook stuffed tomatoes on low heat till

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