The Elephant Incredible Memory

An elephant's incredible memory
UPI July3, 2006

A young man was on holiday in Kenya after graduating from college.
While walking through the bush, he came across a young bull elephant
standing with one leg raised in the air.The elephant seemed to be in
great distress, so the young man approached it very cautiously.

He got down on one knee and inspected the elephant's foot. There was a
large thorn embedded in its soft pad. As gently as he could, the man
worked the thorn out with his knife. The elephant gingerly put down
its foot and turned to face the man. It stared at him gravely for a
long, long while. Eventually it trumpeted loudly three times, turned
and slowly walked away.

The young man never forgot that elephant, or the events of that day.

Many years later he went to the local the zoo with his teenaged son.
As they approached the elephant enclosure, one of the elephants
turned, looked at him and slowly walked up to where he was standing.
It stared gravely at the man, lifted its foot off the ground, then put
it down. It did this several times.Then it trumpeted loudly three
times, staring gravely at the man all the time.

It was, naturally, a very emotional moment for the man. His eyes
filled with tears. Ignoring the warning sign he climbed over the
railing and got into into the enclosure. He stood there in front of
the elephant, staring up into its eyes in wonder.

Then the elephant trumpeted again, wrapped its trunk around the man's
leg, and swung him violently against the railing for several
terrifying minutes, until the keepers came and finally subdued him.
The man, of course, died.

Nope. It probably wasn't the same elephant.

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