A poem by an
African American Man
Dinesh Vora

Dear White fella............
Couple of things you should know.....
When I Born, I is Black,
When I Grow Up, I is  Black,
When I Go In Sun, I is  Black,
When I Scared, I is  Black,
When I Sick, I is Black,
And When I Die, I Still is  Black..
And You White Fella,
When You Born, You is Pink,
When You Grow Up, You is White,
When You Go In Sun, You is Red,
When You Cold, You is Blue,
When You Scared, You is
When You Sick, You is
And When You Die, You is
And you calling me Colored ?


Annaleisha said...

funny..kinda true.. Do i sound rude?

retsu782000 said...

I don't think it's rude.. and yes this is funny and it's true when you think about it. I wonder what will it be for Asian and other colors hehe..

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