Ladies, Be careful of who is standing next to you


Be careful of who is standing next to you.

It is happening in Malaysia, not only Japan

Wait till you see this! Keep on reading.... I bet you're gonna be angry if you're a girl... And if you're a man, please have some dignity and don't be such a jerk! Think what if this is happening to your mother, sister, friends, or even your beloved girlfriend.

I have edit the picture because i don't think it's appropriate to upload this but i bet you all can understand what the picture is before editing. The man that did this is a scumbag..... please becareful and try not to wear any kind of these short skirt unless it's really important or you can wear a tight pants under it.

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Takako said...

It gives me the creeps seeing this email landed on my inbox. Thank God I never wear any skirts anymore. fiuh.....

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