was a buzz last year when it launched. it's a free searchable database of men accused of infidelity by their ex-lovers, wives and girlfriends. Critics warned it was only a matter of time until the South Florida-based website made famous for dishing up tales of deceit was itself served with a lawsuit.

This prediction has come true. Nearly A year after it was established, Tasha Joseph who founded the site was suited by a Pennsylvania man. He claimed defamation by Joseph and four women who posted disparaging comments about him in the online forum. Pittsburgh's lawyer Todd Hollis filed a complaint after anonymous postings appeared on the website accusing him of passing on a sexually transmitted disease, bisexuality and dating multiple women while claiming fidelity -- accusations he said are untrue and damaging to his reputation.

Although maybe testimonials are sometimes true and real but it doesn't give us a 100% guaranty that it's true. People can just post stuffs. It could all be crap too, ex girlfriends who don't want to give up on a man so they try and give him a bad rep. Or just evil women who want to destroy a man's life because he wasn't intersted in them.


Hailey said...

Websites like this have been around for a long time. Men can post at and on There is also

Date with caution! :)

Takako said...

hm... i guess alot of people doing the same things when the new idea hit big. just like friendster, now there are alot of social networking web like it.

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