How To Be A Good Guest

As a guest you are likely to share the responsibility for the success of a party. But are you the kind of guest that gets regularly invited? Well, here are a few tips to make you the kind of good guest who is welcome at anybody's table.

Respond to your invitation. Let your host know (and no later than the stated RSVP date) whether or not you can attend the party. This way your hosts can make plans knowing the exact number of guests who will be attending.

Ask if you can contribute anything to the meal/party. The hostess may be relieved to have someone take charge of one of the courses, such as an appetizer, side dish or dessert.

If you have the time, offer to come a little earlier than the other guests to help with pre-party setup. But if your offer is accepted, don't be late - your hostess will be counting on you.

Arrive at a dinner party on-time. Most people love to start a party or meal s on time. You wouldn't want to hold up the meal and spoil the food for everyone else.

When the meal is over, ask your hostess if you can help clear the table. But if her answer is "no thanks", then just relax and leave things alone. If you see the hostess frantically cleaning in the kitchen after the meal is over, offer to help.

Be friendly and make conversation with other guests. Your acceptance to mingle with others is what will lead to the party’s success.

Do not raise a conversation of a sensitive topic; especially one that you know will cause dissension among that particular group of guests.

Drink responsibly. Your host may be serving alcoholic beverages to complement the meal, but it doesn't mean he/she wants to have a group of sloppy drunks on their hands at the end of the party.

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