Funny SMS Collections

1) Santa: Whts d guarantee 4 this mirror? Shopkeeper: Throw down frm 100 ft hite, d mirror will not break till 99 ft.! Santa: WOW.! Thats great. Pack it

2) Pls send me one Good Night. Really I cant sleep without it. I dnt know how this happened to me. If u dont have Good Night atleast Mortein or Allout.

3) Why everybody is invited on marriage but not on marriage anniversaries???? Guess.........Socho....... SUKH KE SAB SAATHI,DUKH MEIN NAA KOI

4) Jab hum pite tufano ka rukh mod diya karte hai..tumari kya capacity hai?jitni tum pite ho..utni to hum gilaso me chod diya karte he...

5) Peter went to battery shop and asked to change battery. The shopkeeper asked: Exide laga du? Peter: Dusri side tera baap lagayega kya

6) Santa: mai tere mobile se apni gf ko sms bheju dekhte hain kya kehti hai?
Banta: No, jo usne handwriting pachan li fer...?

7) Sardar in mysore palace,Tourist guide- sir PLz don sit there, It is Tippu sultan's chair Sardar- oye don't worry yaar i will get up when he comes..

8) Ladkiyon ke college me strike thi Ladke bhi unke saath the Ladkiyon ne naara Lagaya HUMARI MAANGE Pichhe se awaaz aayi SINDHUR SE BHARO.

9) Scientific question.
How does blood reach ur head?


Direction of liquid always flows towards


10) Curious kid asks old man: what book r u reading? Old man: history book. Kid: but that's a sex book!? Old man: well 4 me it's history

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