A-Z about life

Life is just like an Apple.

An apple has many kind of taste.

Life is just like a Balloon.

If we want the balloon fly high to the sky, we have to give some air into it.

Sometimes life is just like a Crocodile.

Crocodile is a wild or cruel animal. And if we want to tame it, we need some expertise.

There’s absolutely a Dream in this life.

If you truly believe in your (make sense) dreams, you can achieve it one day. Everything in this life can be (simply) started by any dream.

Life is just like an Eye

We have to take care of our eyes carefully. If we don’t do that, maybe we will face some problems with our eyes. Maybe we can’t see any object clearly. And if that happens, we need some seeing aid tools to correct our sight.

Life is just like Flowers

Flowers have various scents.

Life is just like a Glass.

If we aren’t careful bringing a glass, maybe the glass will fall down and finally it will be broken.

Life is just like a House.

We have to take care of our houses, so it will be more long lasting.

Life is just like an Illusion

An illusion is not eternal. It appears for a few seconds only.

Life is just like a Jungle

There are many things in a jungle. When we are in a jungle we have to be careful and struggle in order to stay alive.

Life is just like a Kite

There are some factors we need to make a kite fly high to the sky. We need the air, a balance-form of the kite, etc.

Life is just like a Lamp

Lamp gives light. We need light so we can see objects.

Life is just like Money

Money is valuable.

Life is just like Numbers

With a right calculation we can get a right result of numbers calculation.

Life is juts like an Orchestra

An Orchestra can make us feel so comfortable, peace, etc. There are some interesting musics or sounds.

Life is juts like a Piano

Piano has 8 octave. Although there’s 1 tone or pitch broken, but we can still play a great symphony.

Life is just like a Quest

Sometimes we can assume a life is just like a Quest (maybe to find treasures) we play.

Life is just like a Rainbow

Rainbow is beautiful, has some colors.

Life needs Sacrifice

Sometimes in our lifes, we need sacrifice.

Life is Temporary

Life is not eternal.

Life is just like an Umbrella

An umbrella can protect us from the rain or the sun light.

Life is just like Vitamins

Vitamins make us healthier and stronger.

Life is just like a Wind

Wind is not static, always move around.

Life is just like a X’mas

When X’mas comes, we feel the world around us is brighter, becomes more cheerful, many songs are played. Children are playing around, smiling, and waiting for any gift.

In life we know ‘Young’-age

We must not waste our young-age. So we have to use our young-age as well as possible.

In our life we need Zest

Zest will give us more spirit and more strength.

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