~Types of Mom~

(Mother's Day Sepcial)
For every special mom who is so beloved and specail for her kids

~Artisan Mother~
You should be very happy to have an artisan mother, for you can afford to be a carefree child and do as your heart tells you. An artisan mother would not be very strict and not much of a disciplinarian. You will learn from her to deviate from the usual norms.

Artisan mothers are playful, daring and also sensual. Artisan mothers love adventures. They look for fun and enjoyment in the small acts of life. Typically, they are unconventional and spontaneous. These free-spirited mothers are emotional and impulsive by nature. You have an advantage with artisan mothers; and that is such mothers are more-often-than-not generous to faults. You can possibly have your way by touching the emotional strings attached to their hearts. They are usually very daring and are least afraid of the risks in life.

If you refer to celebrity mothers to have a clear understanding of the personality of an artisan mother you can always take the example of Madonna who is a very famous artisan mother. Now can you recognize your artisan mother?

~Guardian Mothers~
Guardian mothers have a supreme sense of responsibility, which make them a dependent and responsible mom. But this quality also makes them known to be difficult mothers.

Guardian mothers are very law-abiding. You can trust your guardian mother with any kind of secret, as they are very trustworthy and loyal. They are traditional in their thoughts and ways as they value their custom a lot. Their strong sense of right and wrong adds to making them difficult to deal with. But at the same time being raised up by such a mom will mean that you grow up to be a perfect individual. Such a mom will make a perfectionist out of you and will definitely bring out the best in you.

Queen Victoria is a famous example of a guardian mother.

~Idealist Mother~
Every child will be proud to possess an idealist mother. There are three basic qualities that rule the heart of a mom with ideals; and these three qualities make these mothers romantic, intuitive and enthusiastic. By nature they make very nurturing, doting and kind hearted mothers. If you know that your mother exactly fits into the category of an idealist mother, the knowledge will help you to deal with your mom better.

If you have an idealist mother you have to pay much more importance to your personal growth and development because they are passionate about the personal growth and development of a person. They brim with enthusiasm and let their enthusiasm infect others around her. The romanticism in their nature does not allow them to be practical in the ways of life.

Among the idealist mothers we have the famous personality of Audrey Hepburn. You can take queues about your own idealist mom by going through the character traits of this famous personality.

~Rational Mothers~
A rational mother would be naturally very logical in their thoughts and actions. They would be absolutely even-tempered and of a fiercely independent nature. Their minds are constantly busy trying to understand how this world works.

Their apparent lack of emotion can be very easily mistaken for coldness but we must try and understand that deep down they are always busy in finding out a solution for making this world a better place for you to live in. They are very determined by nature and absolutely dedicated to the project in hand. Rational mothers will definitely make very balanced mothers.

Margaret Thatcher is a very well known personality among the rational mothers.

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