Send Free SMS, it really worked!

I got this frmo a friend and it really works. By joining you got 50 kredit and a chance to send a free sms at 1800-1900(GMT+7). If you refer it to others you got 50 more each. try it for free... it works international.... great...


Do you want to send free SMS messages? Then become a member of smscity and send free & cheap SMS's every day! Sign up quick and free @ smscity
* Free SMS every day;
* Directly 20 free SMS credits;
* Your own number as sender;
* Follow status report of your SMS;
* Earn free SMS free and simple;
* Phonebook & SMS History;
* Group SMS and Plan your SMS's;
* SMS anonymously;
* And many more!

I truly hope you are going to use smscity! :)

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Rajeev said...

Pls send me free intersting emails.
Thanx :)

retsu782000 said...

Hi Rajeev, you can use the subscribe by email version of this blog here, send me funny email . You'll get every new email from my blog ;)

Desktop Wallpaper said...
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