Men VS Women (no offense)

How a man withdraws cash from ATM:

1) Park the car
2) Go to ATM
3) Insert card
4) Enter PIN
5) Take money
6) Drive away


How a woman withdraws cash from ATM:

1) Park the car
2) Check makeup
3) Turn off engine
4) Check makeup
5) Go to ATM
6) Hunt for ATM card in the purse.
7) Insert card
8) Hit Cancel
9) Hunt in purse for chit with PIN written on it.
10) Insert card
11) Enter PIN
12) Take cash
13) Go to car
14) Check makeup
15) Start car
16) Stop car
17) Run back to ATM
18) Take ATM card
19) Back to car
20) Check makeup
21) Start car
22) Check makeup
23) Drive for ½ mile
24) Release handbrake
25) Drive on..
Dreamz abt me..


Serena said...

Is that smilie guy you? Hahaha... :D


retsu782000 said...

If you're talking about the guy on my post here MSN Emoticons, Reality Version, of course not. I'm a girl :P You can check me out personally and get some blogging tips and hacks on retsu782000 Pocket

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