Why ZeroCal™?

Why ZeroCal™?

Australians consume an average of 1200 calories a day in excess of recommended levels*. Although recent focus in the public mind has been on the negative effects of fats, excess calories still contribute to the obesity epidemic in a major way.

How It Works

* The meals contain a large proportion of foods with negative calories (cauliflower, cucumbers, celery, garlic etc.) creating a calorie deficit.

* •Many high-calorie foods (like meat) are substituted with lower-calorie foods that are just as delicious (like seafood).

* •The remaining calories are erased through our proprietary CalBurnKnob™ technology. This is a knob on the takeaway box that's very hard to open (see picture below) – meaning you burn off the remainder just by opening the container!

How To Order

Click here to see restaurants that deliver ZeroCal™ meals to your area.

Note: This post is a special contribution to Candy, xxx@gmail.com, one of the blog readers that sent me this April fool's joke material. You can send me some of your own materials and get your link here. Just link to me. Happy April fool day everyone ;)

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